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Men's bifold genuine leather RFID blocking wallet

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RFID wallet protects your credit cards.  Thieves steal your credit information when standing behind you in line or next to you on a crowded street. Thieves use concealed credit card RFID readers, so you'll never know you have been "virtually" pick pocketed.

Protect yourself.

These wallets don't compromise on style or functionality.  They feature detailed stitching and 100% leather.

Are you tired of jingling as you walk?  

Why don't you ever have small change when making a purchase?  The wallet comes with a compartment where you can store a strategic selection of coins.  Keep a quarter in case you find yourself having to use a traffic meter for a quick stop - avoid that expensive ticket.  Keep one or two other small coins so you can avoid getting 98 cents in change when you buy a cup of coffee.


Are you annoyed when you meet someone and don't have a business card to offer?

Have you ever forgotten to bring business cards to an event or meeting?  This wallet comes with a handy compartment to carry a small stash of business cards.



More features

  • zipper compartment for large bills or important papers

  • ID compartment

  • slots for nine plus credit cards
  • shipped in gift box that's perfect for any gift occasion.

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Customer Reviews

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